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Supportive Parenting for Anxious Kids Group - based on SPACE

SPACE was developed at the Yale Child Study Center by Dr. Eli Lebowitz, and is a systematic program that teaches parents how to change their own behavior so that they can best support and respond to their child’s anxiety. By reducing an ‘accommodating’ approach to a child’s anxiety, parents are able to engage in a manner that ultimately enhances the child’s ability to cope with anxious thoughts and feelings.

The goal of the group is to jumpstart a change in family behavior by teaching parents how best to respond to their anxious child. Family accommodation is a way that some parents engage with their children in order to decrease their anxiety. Instead of helping your child avoid anxiety-provoking situations, you’ll learn new ways to engage that encourage confronting, rather than avoiding their fears. We will help parents take the initial steps in confronting their own accommodating behaviors towards their child’s rituals and anxious routines.  

You can expect to:

  • gain confidence in parenting your anxious child

  • develop the tools to effectively address your child’s anxiety

  • reduce some of your own accommodating behaviors

This is a live, parent education and coaching group, NOT individual therapy for the child.  This means the therapist leading the group will not conduct individual assessments, provide diagnostic impressions or discuss individual treatment recommendations outside the context of the coaching services provided within the group.  Parents will have the opportunity to schedule individual consultation sessions outside of class times if needed for additional support.

 6 - Week Group based on SPACE and other evidence-based strategies

WHEN:    Wednesdays

Aug  14 - Sept 25 (no class Sept 4)

TIME:    noon - 1:00pm


COST: $450 (payment upfront) or $600 (pay per session)

*Class size is limited to 6-7 families so attendees can benefit from individual attention. Early registration is recommended to secure a spot in the class.

Please complete the below form to register or for more information.

This ‘virtual’ group, based on the concepts of SPACE: Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions and other evidence-based treatments, is designed for parents of children who struggle with anxiety or OCD-related symptoms. This parent education group will be delivered via ZOOM and will take place in 60-minute sessions for a period of 6 weeks.  At least one parent must be able commit to the entire program, the second parent may attend sessions as able.  

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